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Best Australian owned solar panels for your home

Solar Power Systems for South Australian Homes

Solar Electricity systems are the number ONE best choice for reducing residential electricity cost.

Reducing environmental pollution and reducing your carbon footprint can be seen as a bonus.

Town & Country Solar provide a full Solar service. We custom design your solar panel system to optimise your electricity generation.

We supply Australian owned quality panels such as LG SOLAR PANELS – the best solar panels.

LG Solar Panels are approved modules meeting Fire Safety Class C and all of the relevant standards for installation on buildings.cec

Clean Energy Council’s Database


We will manage the application and approval process required from SA Power Networks right through to the installation of your solar panels. We will even help to arrange the connection of your new solar meter, if required.

 Why choose Town & Country Solar for your Solar Power Systems?

  • Wholly South Australian owned and operated solar electricity installation company
  • Quality long lasting solar panels and solar inverters, with Australian backed warranties – approved solar modules meeting Fire Safety Class C and all of the relevant standards for installation on buildings – available details in
    Clean Energy Council’s Database
  • Clean Energy Council Accreditation solar panel installers
  • No high-pressure sales, just good, honest advice – our company is based on honesty and transparency.
  • Full site survey carried out before any system recommendation or quote
  • Bespoke design and purpose built system exclusively for your home and power needs – you get what you actually need.
  • Our installers are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited
  • Prompt and reliable service – Adelaide, Gawler, Barossa Valley, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Whyalla and other SA Mid North locations.
  • Solar Credits – Our Panels and Inverters are approved for connection to the grid, complying with AS4777 which means you will be able to collect your solar credits (subject to what is offered by your choice of supplier).

Comprehensive Site Survey

Before we recommend a solar power system we make a thorough assessment of the following:

  • your families power needs (including peak and off-peak) now and in the future,
  • current electricity provider
  • roof space (is there enough room?)
  • orientation of roof (e.g. runs North-South)
  • Effect of shading
  • hours of sun during each season
  • site access.

This Solar Electricity assessment will determine what sort of solar power system will best suit your household power needs, the number, size and type of solar panels required and will ensure the optimal output and efficiency for your home.

Solar Power System Design

Taking these factors into account we then design and build you a tailor made solar system using only quality photovoltaic components, solar PV panels and power inverters that will provide your home you the right amount of solar generated power for your actual electricity needs.


Installation will take place within …… days of you placing your order and will be carried out by our Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Our installers are qualified, experienced and work to the highest possible standards.

Solar Credits

To be eligible for the solar credits, your solar panels must be certified to international standards; ask us to supply proof.

Grid-connected inverters must be approved for connection to the grid in Australia by complying with AS4777 and having a current Certificate of Suitability.


Your Solar Checklist

  • Call your current electricity supplier before ordering your solar system to see if there are implications for your pricing arrangement and to ask if there are any other issues you should consider.
    [Town & Country will Assist You Deal With Your Provider]
  • Ensure the solar company, their system designers are Clean Energy Council Accredited (If not you will lose any applicable rebates).
    [Town & Country is fully Accredited]
  • Check you have sufficient north facing roof space to accommodate installation of your new solar panels – 20+ square metres for a 2 kw system, 25+ square metres for a 3kw system.
    [Town & Country make these assessments and report to you. We will offer alternative solutions when you fail to meet the Solar Power Systems requirements]
  • Ask us what your likely ongoing maintenance costs will be. A solar inverter can be expected to work effectively for about 10 years. You may wish to ask what extended warranties are available. Remember low cost inverters tend to have very high failure rates!
    [Town & Country offers quality German designed and constructed inverters which undergo rigorous testing and come with Australian warranties]
  • Ask for an estimate of the amount of electricity the solar panels system will generate, monthly and yearly. This is to make a comparison with your recent power bills.
  • The solar power industry in South Australia has grown rapidly and the range of imported panels and inverters imported being sold is huge. There are Australian Standards that set guidelines and standards for all solar panels and inverters. These standards are AS4777 for solar inverters and AS5033 for solar panels. [All the best solar panels we supply satisfy the standards – AS5033]
  • Some local councils have their own regulations in relation to the positioning of solar panels and things such as the visibility of panels the road. [Town & Country undertake these checks on your behalf]
  • Make sure the brand and model numbers of the solar panels and the inverter are clearly documented on any quotation supplied. [Town & Country willingly provides these details on our solar power systems]
  • Make sure you get everything in writing.

We hope you find this checklist helpful!

Cost And Quality Considerations

  • Solar Power Systems are designed in many ways and utilise a large range of solar panels and inverters.
    We select our Solar Panels and Solar Inverters for reliability, rigorous testing, quality, and their Australian backed warranties. All our products meet or surpass Australian standards.
    Solar power installations vary so a system designed to meet your needs is crucial.

As all homes differ and all budgets vary, we believe designing a system, based on individual requirements, with the best possible components.

  • Solar power systems are a long-term investment so make sure the products are reliable and industry proven.
  • Town & Country Solar is able to provide options when designing the right system for you. We stock a range of products, so you get the best equipment possible, no matter the budget.
    We actually recommend you take the time to research and compare our system designs with others, so that you can be sure you are spending your money wisely.


Town & Country Solar provide a full service from designing the system to suit your needs, guiding the application and approval process required from SA Power Networks and even help arrange the connection of your new solar meter if required.

Cost And Quality Considerations

We select our products based on reliability, quality and the backing of Australian warranties by proven manufacturers. Check out our recommended products.



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Solar panel systems provide a genuine return on your investment, increasing your homes  value.  Solar Panel technology has improved dramatically making Solar more affordable and reliable than ever.



Home Solar Power Systems provide a genuine return on your investment and will increase the resale value of your home.  Solar Panel technology has improved dramatically making Solar more affordable and reliable than ever.



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