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Commercial-Solar-PanelsCommercial solar systems are a proven form of investment, offering significant savings on electricity costs, increasing cash flow and allowing for re- investment of those savings.

Commercial solar is also a great way to reduce and offset carbon emissions, trimming costs and allowing active participation in the creation of a more sustainable future for everyone.

We can undertake solar rooftop installations above 10kW in size. We are tooled to install roof top PV solar energy system projects of 30 kW and 70kW.

At Town & Country Solar we are able to provide professional commercial solar solutions to suit any business. With tailored solar solutions to cater for your individual circumstances we offer a complete service from conception to commissioning, as well as comprehensive, ongoing support and maintenance.

12 benefits when installing solar power for your South Australian business

  • Significant savings on electricity bills
  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint by creating and using your own sustainable, renewable energy
  • Our Solar power systems are very low maintenance
  • Government rebates – reducing the cost of system installation
  • Most of the energy generated through solar will be used by your business during the day, maximizing your savings.
  • We are a South Australian owned and operated company
  • Quality long lasting solar panels and inverters, with Australian backed warranties
  • Clean Energy Council Accreditation
  • Full site survey carried out before any system recommendation
  • Bespoke design and purpose built system exclusively for your business needs
  • All of our installers are CEC accredited
  • Prompt and reliable service – we are on hand whenever you need us.


How Much Money Will Your Business Save On Electricity by switching to Solar?

The amount you will save depends on the type of business you run, your current electricity consumption, the time of day you use most of your power, government rebates and where you are situated. Whether you choose to offset all or part of your power will also effect the amount you save.

Give our commercial team a call on 8527 2691 and we will  carry out a free solar assessment and give you an indication of the savings you can achieve.

7 Things We Always Do For Your Business 

  • Customised commercial solar design solutions.
  • Energy usage evaluations.
  • Help with government grant and incentive applications.
  • Commercial solar lease programs.
  • Expert Installation.
  • Maintenance plans for your solar installation.
  • Ongoing Technical Support

The Town & Country Commercial Solar Power Team work with customers across South Australia, developing projects that will utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the state.

Understanding your business goals and solar needs

Town & Country will assess you business’ daily load profile and discuss with you the viability of a solar energy solution and whether your business can achieve power cost savings to enhance your profitability.

Manufacturing organisations may be eligible for government assistance programs – Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP). Our accreditation ensures that our installations and products are proven for performance and reliability.

Call to discuss your power needs over the next decade and get realistic assessments of potential savings, life of solar systems, solar maintenance and the ability to upgrade as your business grows: 8527 2691

Your Business – Your Solar Solution – free commercial solar energy assessment

Each business has their own goals, Power requirements, budgetary constraints and of course individual site structure and logistics.

Your businesses’ needs are unique. By carrying out a thorough review of your energy usage we are able to recommend the best, most cost effective solar solution for you.

Our onsite survey will deliver a bespoke solution, maximising your savings and identifying the right maintenance program.

Understanding your business and its financial goals enables us to design a system that meets your requirements. You will achieve significant savings on your power bills and have a system that delivers what you need.

Give us a call today for a free no obligation assessment: 8527 2691

Examples of our commercial solar installations


Call or email us today to arrange a free commercial energy assessment.


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