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If the truth matters and quality counts: call: (08) 8527 2691 or via our contact form below.

Town & Country Solar

Supply and Installation of market leading solar panels and inverters with full Australian warranties. All solar panel installations are custom designed with thorough technical assessments and the specific needs of your home or business. Solar Power for your home from 1.5 kw to beyond 10kw.

We connect you to the power supplier of your choice and arrange for you to receive rebates, credits and offsets.

68a Adelaide Road, Gawler South Australia 5118 Australia

If the truth matters and quality counts to you: call call: (08) 8527 2691 or contact us via email through the form above.


Call or email us today to make an inquiry about the perfect solar solution for your home or business.
Call: 8527 2691


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