LG Solar FAQs

Browse through the videos below to learn the answers to key solar questions

How does LG Solar select solar installers to become part of their dealer network?
What hurdles do solar installers need to jump to become an official LG solar dealer?
Why should I bother spending more money on an LG panel?
Should I consider the size of my roof space when buying a solar power system?
How much should a solar power system cost?
Does hot weather reduce the power generation of solar panels?
Why should you consider investing more on higher quality solar panels?
What types of rebates are available around Australia for residential solar?
Can my electricity bill really be 0 Dollars?
Do I get paid for my extra solar energy production?
Does installing solar power reduce my electricity bills?
What are the benefits of installing solar power panels and solar storage batteries together?
Why are LG panels recommended?
Should I invest in higher efficiency solar panels if I'm thinking about buying an electric vehicle?
If I have an existing solar power system, can I add a solar storage battery?
What are the environmental benefits of LG panels versus landfill solar?
How can landlords use solar power to help generate better long term rental returns?
How does the LG Solar direct helpline assist new or existing solar power customers?
What are the risks to avoid when planning on investing in a commercial solar power system?
Can I just add more solar panels on to my roof to upgrade my existing solar system?

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