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our-products-e1358491261226We highly recommend the use of only quality components in all solar system designs. Town & Country Solar is proud to offer market leading panels, railings, inverters and associated components as part of our recommended solar system designs. All components are selected based on reliability, quality, and support and backing including Australian backed warranties.

LG Solar Panels

300W-Panels-250x357Town & Country Solar is proud to be a LG Authorised Energy Specialist. Here’s why:

  • Local support base
  • Commitment to quality
  • Suited to the harsh Australian climate

Read more information about LG’s latest solar panels here.

For all your solar needs – residential, commercial, rural, stand-alone, hybrid and battery storage

Why Town & Country Solar:

  • 100% SA owned and operated
  • Fully qualified and accredited professional installers
  • On-site energy assessments by licensed solar designers
  • Prompt reliable service throughout South Australia
  • Shop front access for after installation service and maintenance
  • Free no obligation quote

A-Grade Features

  • Anti UV backsheet provides superior weather resistance and long-term durability
  • Premium production and technology produces a high module efficiency up to 15.46%
  • Three busbar solar cell optimises electricity yield
  • Premium performance in low light conditions (cloudy days)
  • Excellent temperature coefficient 1.2m cable allows for easy connection and installation
  • IP67 rated junction box
  • Certified to withstand wind loads up to 5400Pa

A-Grade Warranties

  • 25 year Product Warranty
  • 12 year Performance Warranty at 90% power output
  • 25 year Performance Warranty at 80% power output
  • Premium Linear Performance Warranty

Fronius Inverters

Fronius InverterFronius is a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in solar energy. Fronius inverters are available in a wide range of power categories – from 1.5 kW to 27.0 kW – to suit a wide variety of household and commercial solar needs. At Town & Country Solar, we install and recommend the Fronius Primo (ideal for residential properties), Fronius Symo (perfect fit for irregular roof orientations) and Fronius Galvo (suited for self consumption systems in households). If you are looking for an energy efficient and reliable solution for your solar power problems, opt for Fronius inverters. Click here for more information.

SMA solar inverters

SMA-invertersSMA inverters are best known for their reliability and quality and are manufactured in Germany to the strictest control measures. SMA is a global leader in the production and development of solar inverter technologies. SMA provides a solar inverter solution for all applications. The solar inverter is the heart of the solar system, converting the DC power the solar panels produce into usable AC power. Simply, the number one choice worldwide! For more information check out SMA Australia How do solar panels work - inverters


Enphase for improved energy production

Enphase allows solar panels to work independently ensuring underperforming panels do not degrade the whole array.

It does this by installing a Microinverter at each panel. The result is increased power conversion, greater flexibility and simplified installation.

The Microinverter: installed at each solar panel

The Network Hub: collects energy production data and sends data over the Internet

Monitoring: helps solar professionals remotely monitor and manage your system 24 hours a day.


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Solar panel systems provide a genuine return on your investment, increasing your homes  value.  Solar Panel technology has improved dramatically making Solar more affordable and reliable than ever.



Solar panel systems provide a genuine return on your investment, increasing your homes  value.  Solar Panel technology has improved dramatically making Solar more affordable and reliable than ever.



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